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                 DATA CENTER

Virtual Server

Data Centre Responsibilities:

1. Creation of Virtual Machine.

2. Resource allocation as per user demand including:-

    • Storage Space allocation.

    • RAM allocation.

    • CPU Core allocation.

    • OS Installation (i.e. Windows/Linux).

    • Network Connectivity.

3. Extension of Storage space (additional storage space will be mounted on VM).

4. Extension of RAM (max 16GB).

5. Extension of CPU (max. 4 cores).

6. Antivirus Installation.

7. Installation of Backup agent on request.

8. Allocation of Public IP and NATing with Private IP if audit is cleared.

9. Coordinating with DNS group for DNS entry.

10. Coordinating with Cyber Security group for OS Hardening.

11. Coordinating for VPN account.

12. Creating firewall rules as per approval.


Kolkata DataCentre offers the Service of Virtual Server / Machine to its user and any Government Department / Organization. These Virtual Machine can be used for Website, Database and web application hosting etc.

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