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                 DATA CENTER

NIC Kolkata offers Primary Data Centre Services at State level (SDC services)

In order to meet the increasing requirement of high availability and reliability of mission critical applications, NIC has set up a world class Data Centre at Kolkata. The Data Centre, Kolkata is designed to provide full spectrum of hosting services which extend from shared hosting, dedicated servers with managed hosting solutions to infrastructure services. Best practices and standards are followed in managing the Data Centre. The IT Infrastructure Management is taken care with proper Asset management, back to back AMC with all vendors and support agreements with software vendors wherever possible. IT Services are managed by a dedicated team of NIC using the best of the breed technologies and supported by 24x7 basis.

The Data Centre is equipped with state of the art ICT Infrastructure like Servers, Enterprise level Storage Systems, and Automated Tape Library Systems for data back up and Network & Information Security. It is powered with Physical Infrastructure like redundant UPS systems, Generator sets and enhanced physical security systems. The network connectivity is through multiple service providers.

 At Kolkata Datacenter we provide IT Infrastructure Solution.


  • Office area 7000 square feet with Data Centre (1200 sq ft)
  • Integrated hardware and software solution
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of data center and customer servers/services
  • State of art internet security and physical security
  • Internet bandwidth of 10 GBPS through multiple service providers
  • High availability, scalability, reliability and accessibility
  • UPS Power and Backup Diesel Generator
  • Precision Air Conditioning System
  • Raised Access Floor and Fire resistance walls
  • High degree of Network Security
  • 250 TB SAN Storage(200 TB Usable)
  • Rack Servers and Blade Servers.
  • Automated Tape Library
  • Virtualization services
  • Firewall and IDS/IPS.
  • Capacity of 20 nos. of Racks.


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